Chiron Chronicles

Who knew smashing vivisection would become this entertaining!


There Goes The Neighborhood!

Just in case anyone living in a three block radius of a Chiron employee didn't already know about his/her controversial way of making a living (killing!) - they soon found out from this comical letter.



The debate has spilled out onto the pages of our mutual websites.


Who knew smashing vivisection would become this entertaining! Over the past week Chiron finally tried to put a defense to daily onslaught of animal rights activism. Sadly (for them) - it was too little and to late.

With the help of our friends in the FBI, Chiron has made matters worse for themselves (can you believe the FBI would give bad advice!) Through letters to the neighbors of the Chiron employees, and long-winded and ambiguous statements on the company website - the hole just got a little deeper for this scumbag of a company. What a mess HLS has become.











Disclaimer  | This site is intended as a parody of Chiron's webpage. It is not intended to confuse the public, rather provide important information on animal cruelty perpetuated by Chiron.
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